When I was really little I was in a multi racial school in Philly so no one cared about the hair. A darker skinned girl called me polka dot all the time tho cause I was so pale. (
And stole my snacks. I wanna find that girl seriously.

I moved to an all white school in the burbs still natural and kids loved my hair. I mean, chase me down so they could touch it. (this happened at a sleepaway camp actually) it wasn't so bad. Comments made were out of curiosity and I could tell they mean them to be compliments. "ooo it's so Spongy!! Mine doesn't do anything."

However I relaxed it eventually and it had to get cut cause years of damage from my mom combing and blow drying. There wasn't a THING for curlies for miles in that burb.

How ever in HS that grew out to a much longer bra length and drove me crazy on pool days. One time, I didn't want to blow dry so I went around school with it hanging letting it airdry as it grew in volume. Then the comment was "look it's Chewbaca!!"

Ok that one stung.