I guess I've been lucky. The worst I ever got was when my mum would style my hair into little afro puffs on either side of my head, and people would say that I looked like Mickey Mouse - from then on whenever I got to school I made sure the puffs were lower down, like at the nape of my neck - and I wasn't bothered anymore.

This, combined with the fact that I used to have my hair corn-rowed or in extensions a lot meant that I only started wearing my hair out when I was about 17, and because all my friends have straight hair they couldn't get enough of it

There is always one though, and one time I was wearing my hair out on the school bus, some little idiot thought it would be funny to stick some paper in it while he was walking past. I could have punched that little punk..
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OMG LOL u reminded me, I used to get mickey mouse too!!! But I loved Mickey mouse so much I didn't care and told mom to put those puffs higher!