a ton of my hait comes out in the shower..thats the only time when i really run a comb through it. it seems like its a ton of hair because everyone's hair sheds naturally, but when you have curly hair, your hair sheds, but really doesnt fall to the floor or anything because it gets caught/entagled/what have you in the curls. if you had straight hair, when you shed itd just kind of slip right out and onto your shoulders/floor/bed/what have you because there are no curls to stop it. does that make any sense? if not, someone explain it better than me!

as long as your hair doesnt seem thinner anywhere or you dont have bald spots, your probably fine. when i used to wear my hair straight all the time, i had hair all over my floor from when i shed and now i dont have any. but i swear, when i come out my curls in the shower, it seems like i have enough hair to make a wig for someone!