My local walgreens is now stocking this product, so I finally got to try it. It was probably good that there was a delay in my ability to purchase, since it gave me an opportunity to check out the reviews.

I was leary of trying it due to the number of bad reviews I have seen, but happened to stumble on a few 3a curly comments that were actually favorable. The general consensus seems to be that moderation is the key.

So far I have only used it once, and the results were really good. I mixed a rather small amount with my LI (I have discovered that due to the fine texture and sparse nature of my hair, applying my curl styling product mixed in with my LI works much better for distribution), and topped with my favorite gel. Diffused as usual, and came out with beautiful shiney curls. No greasy texture, just soft and shiney hair.

Today I think I will try it as a finishing product to sotc.

If you have tried this product and found it to oily, I suggest giving it another shot, and experimenting with quantity and application.

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