Ok i recently got a hurtful comment made over here...it wasnt as bad as some of the ones you ladies that gotten but it was still a effed up thing to say.

Well last night I was hanging out with two friends and one of them started saying how me and my other friend had two types of black hair. And i asked her how so? And she proceeded to say:

Her: "Well your hair is super shiny like there's some PRODUCT in your hair, and OTHERGIRL'S hair is ....NATURAL"

..yeah i was like....what....yes i put product in my hair but so did that other girl...the only reason the other girls hair isnt shiny is cause she straightens the crap out of it whereas I actually embrace my natural texture.

Idk i guess it was more like a slap in the face concealed in a compliment...like oh YEAH your hair is so shiny BUT its fake.. idk it really ticked me off T.T
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