I dont WnG in the winter but for some reason this year I dont really feel like protective styling unless its kinky twists. I ordered new products that should be here this week so Im not getting kinky twists until then.

so I just tried to twist my hair and only did the very front. I have too much hair on my head and its becoming real clear that once I can bun easily on wet/damp hair , its a WRAP for me.

I want to WnG this week but looking at the dew its going to be high this week, so I took a look at all my stylers and they all have glycerin ( pretty high)in them

What are some non glycerin stylers you use?

ETA I just looked at some of my items im trying to use up.

Curly Kinks Coil Jam glycerin is far down on the list so i might be fine with that

JC Curl Defining Cream is low on the list as well

DB Curling Cream Gel i think its low on the list i think

I have Vigorol Curl Creme im trying to use up and that has glycerin 6th down. So I might be good for now

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