Neat thread! Thanks, Ninj!
Here's question #1: how would you apply eyeliner or e/s in the case of large but close-set eyes? Would you skip liner altogether?
Would you like to make your eyes look smaller/more wide-set? To make them look wider-set, concentrate lighter e/s colors on the inner part of your lids, closest to the nose, and use darker colors on the outer corners. Take a Q-tip and apply a shimmery, light colored shadow to the very inner corners of your eyes to really brighten the area.

You can also offset close-set eyes by widening the space between your eyebrows. Pluck (or wax, etc) a few hairs from the front of your brows. This will "open up" the area and give the illusion of wider-set eyes.

To deemphasize large eyes (if that's what you'd like to do), line them all around with your pencil, making the line ever so slightly thicker and darker as you get to the outer corners. You can use shadow for this too. You can also line the waterline (inner rim) of your lower lashes using pencil.

#2: What is lipliner really meant to do?
It's supposed to help prevent lipstick from feathering. But if you have oily skin or plan on wearing lip gloss, a primer applied underneath your liner and lip color(s) will help even more.

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