I recently found this site through a friend. This is my first time really dealing with curly hair (my son is curly too but he's alot easier, even though his curls are alittle tighter lol). My daughter looks to be around a 3a mostly, but has some stragglers that are a 2b. She has nice curls but if I comb her hair it just frizzes or mattes out, etc.
I normally wash her hair with baby wash (some disney one right now but normally suave 3-in-1) and put a tiny bit of conditioner in (she has thin hair, onlything she got form me besides color hair wise lol). I normally don't comb it because, even with conditioner it frizzes, sometimes I comb it with a wider toothed baby comb. She rarely has pony's or barretts or any of that in since she wont' keep them in, and she sleeps on a faux silk pillow case.