My new favorite workout is the Gorilla Workout. It's available on the iPad for $1.99 App Store - Gorilla Workout

Why I like it?
  • I hate someone telling me what to do - even if it is by video.
  • I hate someone encouraging me and trying to tell me I'm doing a great job. As Katt Williams says "it's called self esteem cause you're supposed to do it yo-self!"
  • I hate having to keep up/slow down with someone else's pace. Let me breathe in a way that is natural to my fitness level.
  • It's portable: I can do it anywhere, without any exercise equipment. Lifting my heavy body is a workout enough. Although space isn't much of a concern for me, it is small-space friendly.
  • There's no talking in the demo exercises, no fluffy wording. Just basic instructions.