this is day two of my souffle and CQ gel combo, and I have to say, it is ok. It was a bit sticky when I got up this morning, and I refreshed with a bit of CJCCCCL, and went out the door. We are having very un-fall like, humid weather here in NYC, but I am in my office now, and it is not sticky, very defined, and actually a bit crunchy in spots...I think I must have been really heavy handed with the CQ gel there! IMO, this is not a styler- I think I will use it as a leave in under hard hold gels to soften them, and provide curl definition, which it does very well. A little goes a very long way with this, so if you apply it like a styler, you can expect the greasy stringy look. I will update as to how long my hair stays!
Hair type-BC: 2/2011-mix of kinks+ coils
Wash-Bobeam Poo bars, As I Am Cleansing Pudding and Coconut Cowash cleansing condish
LI/RO-Curl Junkie rehab, Shescentit Avocado condish, Oyin Hair dew
DT-KBB Luscious Locks, Curl Junkie ANYthing, Shescentit Avocado condish
Style- UFD, Camille Rose, Hello Curly, Kinky Curly
Sealant- Jamaican Black Castor and Avocado oils, Qhemet Biologics Honey & Olive Hydrating Balm
Will try any CG product at least once.
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