Hello chicas,

I had my last relaxer January 6, 2011. Transitioning went pretty good until about July when I started seeing a lot of breakage in my relaxed ends. I've kept it going but now I have a huge problem, My natural hair is starting to frizz like crazy, its frizzy and dry. Before it used to be tight curls/coils, a lot more defined.

I have a mix of 3c/4a hair... My relaxed ends are getting very thin and the frizzy hair makes it look so uglyy!! I just recently started using the kimmaytube moisturizer but did not add Castor Oil bc of $$... would this be causing the frizz? I thought it was optional. The other new product I've been using is the Giovanni deep moisture conditioner.. it was on sale! had to try it
I confess that I have not been deep conditioning every week, can't find a good one and cant afford to buy a bunch but I'm preparing for my next buy

Please HELp.. what styling products do you recommend for frizz control, definition and hold??

Also, I've been thinking about purchasing CD Lisa's hair elixir for growth...

Im new to posting in forums and I'm desperate!! any help will be appreciated

co-wash: V05
co-wash/deep condition: Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle cond
Giovanni deep moisture cond