Just barely started doing CG but already notice a huge difference! The underneath parts of my hair that weren't as chemically/heat damaged and were not thinned out by my previous stylist are starting to get very curly - nice thick ringlets, the top is still frizzy, flyaway and having a hard time pulling itself together, but should get better with time and trimming! The last 3 pics are 1 week into CG, the last 2 are second day hair
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Super wavy and wurly curly! Fiii,fairly non-porous, inelastic
Colorado Curly - low dew points & low humidity!
Organix Cherry Ginseng and DevaCurl low poo/condish
KCKT leave in, Naturelle Gel
Joimist or Aussie Sprunch Spray


My hair likes IAgirls PT!
I have celiac disease - no wheat please!