I blew out my hair and wore it that way to work for a week. Most of my co-workers were overly excited about my straight hair, telling me that it looked *so* much better than the curls. Our older male receptionist asked me "Is that your natural hair?" to which I replied, "No, my hair is naturally curly and I actually really miss my curls right now". He said, "Oh...I was going to say I didn't like your bad perm".

I was quite mad about that statement, how could someone be so rude, especially after I confirmed that my hair was naturally curly and that I really liked it.
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Redemption! I went to a party last weekend and met a fellow curly/wavy girl. She asked me if I had a perm and when I said no, her mouth dropped and she said "Wow! Your hair is gorgeous, I wish mine curled like that".

take that rude people who talk ish about "bad perms".
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