I apply blush under my cheekbones and up towards my temple. I'm not sure if I'm just being nuts or what. Is there a reason I like that?!
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That's a good blush/contouring technique: the C shape! It's supposedly trendy on the runway now to apply blush in a C-shape but high on the cheekbones and on the temple. I've seen blush applied actually on the eye area.

To help determine your face shape, pull back your hair and look straight into a mirror. Use a marker or even lipstick to trace a line along the edge of your face. Try to stay very still or rest your face lightly on your fist to steady yourself. Now step back. This really helped me to know my face shape. That, or you could just post a pic.

I have smallish eyes, not wide or close set (someone said I was center eyed?) and usually wear glasses, which adds to the smallness.u All I've figured out is that bold liner and liner on the waterline make my eyes look even smaller. Any tips for small eyes or glasses wearers?
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A quick trick is to line your lower waterline with a creamy white pencil. It widens the eyes very well. NYX cream shadowstick in Milk is a good one. But it is very soft, so apply lightly.
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Shoot, I did something on point all on my own, lol. I just messed around, found that I liked it put on that way, and left it.

Here's a hair-pulled-back no makeup pic.

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Thanks for the pic! You have an oval face shape, which has the most options for wearing various makeup styles. E.g., you can wear your blush in virtually any shape you like.

Re: tips for small eyes/glasses wearers, you don't seem to have small eyes to me. Do you normally wear undereye concealer? Curling your eyelashes opens up the eyes too.
RCC, do you ever darken your eyebrows, just a bit? I find that helps with "opening" the look of my eyes, which contrast with my fair brows.

Nothing dramatic, just a little MAC eyebrow mascara, brushed through for a bit of color.

P., what's your opinion? I may be wrong.
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Filling in the brows will frame the face and define the eye area. I don't know if it work for everyone to open the look of their eyes, but different things do work for different people.

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