Hi folks,

There are some genius' on this site and wanted to see what everyone thought.

I have 3C hair with a medium/fine texture/low porosity. I have been CG since April of this year and haven't flat ironed or color processed my hair in any way since then. It is rare that I have to use a blow dryer and even on those few occasions I use a diffuser on low heat. I sleep with a silk bonnet at night and don't use any sulfates silicones or parabens in my hair. I never brush my hair and use Suave naturals in the shower and use a big toothed comb while my hair is soaking wet so I can distribute the conditioner. I am very gentle on my hair, yet I shed a ton of hair. I am trying not to stress about it, but this has been going on for quite a while. I did once sit down and count each individual hair (will not do it again) and counted over 120 hairs. My hair doesn't appear to be thinning, but it doesn't grow either.

All of the hairs that come out are coming out by the root. I take a multivitamin, MSM, and Biotin daily. None of that has seemed to slow down or stop the shedding. I would like to grow out my hair, but it just seems impossible with this much hair loss. I've not cut my hair since I had my first deva cut the beginning of June and my hair looks like it hasn't grown a single bit. I measure some growth, but I think it just probably falls out.

Oh and I'm a very fit person. I run 4-8 miles a day and lift and do yoga, eat well, drink water...no weight changes.

Any ideas?

If I go to a doctor what should I ask about?