I have an ex who was pretty much addicted to porn. It didn't do much for our sex life. It was also.....repellant to me. He kept paper towels by his computer and bedside. Blech.
I had a great night with my family. I danced with my niece and let her draw marionette lines on my chin, and talked with my nephew about writing and college and his ambitions and opportunities. And the other guest said something both astute and hilarious, in describing her boss: "He's an egomaniac with a terrible inferiority complex."

And.....I got stopped for speeding, but the policeman was a fellow redhead, and let me off with a warning. Great luck! (I drove under the speed limit the rest of the way, believe me.)

Finally, I lost my dog pendant for a little while, and panicked. I love this thing; it keeps Claude and the girls and C. with me always. Then I found it. Blessed relief.

I even got a doggie bag from dinner.

A splendid evening.