Ok... so my hair wasn't cut like one sees in the videos.. it was more like my hair has been cut before. I have a lot of hair so maybe that's why Tori didn't cut my hair like you see in the videos.

2 hours later with Deva Curl products in my hair, it's still slightly damp but I like the way she styled my hair and it's less big so that's a good thing.

Part of the spent at the salon required a seat under the dryer to help move things along and then she brings in the diffuser about 30 min after being under the dryer.

I'll know better tomorrow after I do my own hair if I'll go back.

Tori is very nice and she owns the shop. It's a two station salon with one shampoo bowl between the two stylists.

I'll post pictures later of before and after.

Overall, I'm happy with the cut and style.. which says a lot because so far I haven't been happy with the cuts or styles I have so far with my hair.