I've almost never posted here, but I'm just so thrilled I had to share my new haircut

I have rather fine, thin hair which seems to be a combination of 2A, 2B, and 3B if that's even possible? Once I realized about 3 years ago that I'm curly (yeah, I spent YEARS straightening what I thought was just un-stylable wavy frizz), I always wore it in variations of a bob or angled bob, but decided to get bolder and go for more of a pixie cut this month for my 5th wedding anniversary. I LOVE IT! My hair seems so much thicker, it's super easy to style, and tons of fun. It looks great all tousled up, so even bed-head looks awesome the moment I wake up. Gotta love it!

Before1 - this was too long, it was very thin and got stringy too easily within a few hours of styling.
Attachment 16032

Before2 - my angled bob. It was about nape-length in the back. I really loved this cut too, but I was ready for a change.
Attachment 16033

After (Cut & Color):
Attachment 16034
Attachment 16035


I can scrunch while it's wet if I want to get more curls/waves, or wear it smoother if I prefer. I love how easy it is to work with, and so far I don't have any problems with feeling too "boyish" as long as I wear some nice eye makeup and pretty earrings (plus the adorable curls in front of my ears are totally girly)
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Super cute, MinnesotaMopTop! Your hair is amazingly versatile. The cut and color of the pixie is fabulous! And your kid's expression made me laugh.
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