do you do protective styles? I know when i first cut my permed ends after three months I was frustrated because i felt like it was growing like a snail.. I got a weave (curly one) so I could mix my natural hair and out of sight out of mind... I also had Hand-in-hair syndrome and couldnt stop touching it so that let me stop manipulating my edges etc every 10 minutes.. I have pictures in my fotki that shows going from ear length to collar bone ( where I am now) and time lines..

Getting there slowly but surely!

Natural Since the Beginning of January 2011!
Current: Full Collar Bone
Texture: 3B/C & 4A
Goal: APL by New Years 2013

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Current Favs<3 Taaliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, Vegetable Glycerin and Pure Argan Oil!!!