I'm not a huge fan of dieting either, but much of your size, shape, body, etc, has to do more with what you eat than exercise.

Exercise is important, but you can exercise and still be fat. And many people are thin and never exercise at all.

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I just want to point out alot of people who are thin and dont work can also have very high metabolisms and people who work out and far fat arent exercising effectively...you can technically excercise and if its effective eat bad every day (I see this all the time, not that its healthy or an excuse) but they are work-out-aholics ...

working out the right way can burn more calories post-work out.. and eating certain foods continue to burn hours after a meal... but bottom line
sweat=results ...

if your really serious about the diet though Id say get a juicer ( a good one) and get into the raw vegetable and fruit juicing daily.. not only does it curb your appetite but the energy it gives you is INSANE.. after months of not working and a few weeks of juicing i got on the track and literally shocked myself that instead of just trying to make it a lap with out stopping I was going on three before I said wow... this isnt so bad...

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