Hello fellow transitioners,

I have been transitioning for 7 months now. I don't plan on going back to a relaxer, because I am in love with my hair. I love seeing my 3c curls!

I was wondering if anyone is wearing a sew in weave as a protective style? If so how are you doing your treaments on your hair? Currently I moisturize often through the week and wear two corn rolls. I have my Saturday wash day, where my hair gets pampered. With a sew in I wouldn't be able to keep up this regimen, will I?

I plan on redoing my sew in bi-weekly, and having my moisturizer in a spray bottle so I can spray the braids. I also plan on putting my coconut oil on the braids too. Do you think this plan will work?

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Originally Posted by beas2

I've been transitioning for over a yr, not w/a sew-in but w/a quick weave. Occasionally I'll wear my hair out in a bun. I wash and pamper my hair every Sunday (starting w/an overnight coconut oil DT and after I'm done pampering I place my hair into bantu knots which stay in until the next wash day unless I'm going out and I take out some hair to blend into the quick weave.

During the week I spritz my hair w/distilled water & grapeseed oil twice daily until wash day. It's been that simple and I have had no major issues (knock on wood) so far. I plan to transition for at least 3 years doing just this.
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