I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter and also a 2 1/2 yr old step daughter, mine has 3b/3c hair and the other has 3a/3b hair. Learning about porosity has helped me manage their hair, since they both have low porosity I don't use much hair products after I wash. However since curly hair can dry/frizz easier than wavy or straight hair I condition their hair at least once a week using Shea Moisture Moisture Retention conditioner which their hair loves. After their wash I lightly detangle their hair using a regular wide tooth comb and apply a leave in conditioner mixed with jojoba and coconut oil and thats that. You might do well with shampoo'ing and conditioning her hair twice a week or more depending on how fast her natural hair (sebum) oils saturate her hair since she has mostly a 2 type texture. Don't comb or brush curls while dry and always keep frizzy/dry/curly hair moisturized. You can use a light conditioner with natural ingredients mixed with a tsp of very light oil since she has 2 type hair texture (grapeseed is extremely light). Or if a light oil weighs her hair down you can make your own natural gel using flax seeds, ingredients vary depending on how thick you want the consistency to be. Some people use 1/4 cup of flaxseeds mixed in 2 cups of water. If you want the consistency to be very light use less flaxseeds and don't let it simmer in the pot (use a big one to let the seeds settle) for more than 10 minutes. Flaxseeds can be found at Whole Foods, and most health food stores (GNC and Vitamin Shoppe may not carry them however). They can vary in color from black/brown/golden tones. That is an all natural chemical free option for using a light moisturizer for your daughters hair which also helps to tame frizz. To make it less complicated you can also use a light all natural leave in conditioner mixed with some water in a water bottle and use it as a spritzer.

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