Hi Phoenix. What are you thoughts about a deep red lipstick on me (66 yrs. old?) I bought the cheapest dark red lipstick I could find ($2.27), just to try it and it brightened my face, but I have questions.

My lips aren't too thin and people say I don't look my age. (LadyV69, SarcasmisBeauty and Scrills have seen me in person so maybe they could voice an honest opinion) but I'm concerned about not looking too vampy at this age.

My skin is a very pale, light cream, dark hazel eyes and light brown kind of caramel hair (curly bob). I can wear peach lipstick and blush but it doesn't make my face "pop" like the dark red does. Pink looks wrong. I need something with "oomph." Beiges make me look sallow.

What do you think? I don't want to look silly or like mutton trying to pass for lamb (or whatever that expression is). Also, if I do choose to wear a dark red lipstick, what should I do with the rest of my makeup?

Thanks much for any advice!

ETA: For some reason my naked lip color is very dark - almost a plum. I'm lucky that way - people say I don't "need" lipstick, but I always wear some, often something to tone down the color, but today I tried this new dark red.
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