Lolakinkz was right...these bad boys ROCK! Now, I've used MANY shampoo bars (Chagrin, Oyin, KBB, etc.) and the one I used today is the best of them ALL. No question.

Now, of course let me say that your hair may not feel the same way. Ain't nuthin' I can do about that. Don't be compelled to fly to her Etsy shop, and load up. Don't feel like you're being pushed by a PJ. I'm just telling my story.

Just know this: If you've ever tried shampoo bars, and didn't like them, before you write them off completely, try one of Laquita's. You my change your mind. I did.

First off, her customer service is GREAT. She's a sweet soul.

I've never had a shampoo bar make my hair feel like her Honey and Oats Shampoo Bar, and like I said, I've tried many. Believe me. Y'all know.

I usually dislike how my hair feels, right after a shampoo bar - my hair often feels "waxy and weird", and I'm not willing to do an ACV rinse, EVERY time I use a shampoo bar, or until my hair "adjusts", because I don't use shampoo bars every time I shampoo my hair. But that may change too.

Nice creamy lather. My scalp is...clean. My hair is...clean, with no "residue" feeling. Nothing "waxy" or weird. Just clean, soft and fluffy...not hard. I could separate my hair with my fingers. No, it's not from the "pre-poo" I did either.

That's all.
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