I think he'll be convicted. He'll do a little jail time and I think he should. I don't think he deserves anything less. The man should have tried to help MJ, not promote his drug habits.
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The thing is he knew MJ would find someone else to promote his addiction. I also believe he was starstruck. I also think that MJs plastic surgeons should be on trial..same thing w/ if they didn't service him, MJ would go elsewhere.....puke
And last I heard/read, CM still is married....why do women put up w/ this ish? gah!
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Well, I agree. The man obviously has no morals and only cared about the bottom line: money. I still think he should pay. But I guess most people aren't put in jail for their morals.

I agree about the plastic surgeons, too. I remember seeing an MJ concert where he reunited with his brothers and his nose fell off. He was literally holding his nose with the same hand as the microphone to hide it. OMG. I'd really like to know what was going through MJ's head with all of this. Could he not see himself?

Also, they showed some clips from the trial of MJ after he passed. He was so anorexic (sp?). I was shocked when I seen those pics. Just wow.
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