refresh my memory, do you like the occ lip tar? if so and you're still using it how do you apply it (i.e. with what other lip products to line or gloss)? what shades do you really like? which do you not care for?

when using a concealer to cover hyperpigmentation do you use it under or over foundation? what do you feel is the best way to apply concealer when covering hyperpigmentation (i.e. fingers, sponge, etc)?

i struggle with doing a nice nude lip. what advice do you have for achieving a nice nude lip in terms of application of products, type of product (i.e. gloss, matte, satin), shades (you know i'm brown, nw43 in mac which of course i don't wear).

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I forgot I had the Lip Tar. I saw your question and put some on to go to Wegmanís, using an NYX pencil as l/l. Now I remember why I donít use the Lip Tar. The good thing is itís lightweight, but the color (Analog) isnít quite right for what I wanted. Itís just a tad too warm/orangey, more so than it appears online. And the formula is too opaque for me. I tried sheering it down with clear gloss once and it was better but still not right for me. Iíd love to get some of the other colors, but I donít trust the online color swatches. I think a lot of OCC products are for fun or specialty use but just arenít practical for most people.

As for spot concealing, I usually apply it after my foundation (if Iím wearing foundation). But I normally just wear concealer alone, since I donít need foundation every day. I generally use a brush to apply. Kevyn Aucoinís eyeliner/concealer brush works great. Itís small and flat enough that you get really precise application. Then you can blend the edges of the concealer so it disappears into your skin. Japonesque and Smashbox have good concealer brushes too, which would be better for larger areas.

It took me years to find the right colors for a nude lip I really like. Hereís a picture:

I used Mac Underplay l/s, Mac Cork l/l, Nars Kenya l/l, Philosophy Melon Daiquiri l/g (or Mac Sapalicious lip glass for a less peachy look).

I also found another easy way to create a nude lip that *should* work for about everyone: Mix a tiny bit of mineral foundation Ė make sure it matches your skin tone Ė with clear lip gloss. Valana Mineralsí foundations are good for this. You could even use a cream concealer instead of the foundation. I almost always use Mac Cork liner, which would work for you too. Nars Kenya l/l or Kevyn Aucoinís l/l in Deep would look nice also. Try the mineral foundation trick and let me know how you like it!

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