I have tired the souffle and personally I love it I have 4a hair with 3c in the back and nape. You cannot be heavy handed with this product. After shampoo and condition ( using SM coconut and hibiscus) , I applied SMHB curl milk to moisturize and used about a quarter size amount and applied all over my hair. I did large twist and let dry. The lest you use the quicker it dries. After untwisting I picked out my hair with my fingers and used SM Elixir to hold set. Initially it will feel little tacky but that goes away when it completing dries. My hair is very very so I have a lot of shrinkage. but my curls are so defined that i don' t care. At night, I cover my head with a satin bonnet and in the morning use an little elixir and I am ought the door.And because there is no build up, I can go at least a week and half before washing my hair. Don't give up on this product, just experiment with it. Remember, what works one way for one, may not work for another. find your own way