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I've only had one makeover in my life. It was by a MAC artist and frankly I looked like a hooker when she was through with me. I'd like to have someone give me a makeover since I'm growing out my gray hair and my colors are changing. At 48 I want to make the most of what I have but look as natural as possible. Is there one cosmetic line that is better to go to for a makeover than the others? I want general tips and suggestions for an everyday look, not an evening look. However, I probably won't buy much of their product. Are there people who do makeovers for a fee instead of just selling their product? I live in Minneapolis if that matters.
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Bobbi Brown is known for her natural makeup looks. Clinique tends to be more natural too. Most brands do makeovers for free if you're just trying on makeup for fun or to see what works for you. But if you need a makeover for a special event, then they'd charge. They will all try to sell you product, even if you pay them.

Your best bet might be to go to Sephora and ask a consultant there to give you a makeover. There, they aren't beholden to any one line. They're knowledgeble and pretty good about "hearing" their customers. They also tend to be less pushy IMO than many of the single-brand sales people.

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