the hot and dry sound really tough -- i'm guessing it causes sleep loss. good that you can put your own soothing creme on it in the a.m.
you are right, as bad as this is.... my cousin had a basal spot removed from her face by a local dr a few years back. apparently he did not get clean borders and she went to sloan where they had to remove 1/4 of her face skin -- she had a combo of plastic surgery and some of her own skin replacing it -- was off from work for 6 months as she had many dr appts. now she is totally fine, does wear sunblock and sunhat when out in the sun. however, you can tell there is something a little 'off' with her face as the sides don't match up 100%. so, while it was not life threatening, it was major.
i think with anything like this you know the transition period is not going to be easy so you kind of detach and just get through it, knowing the time will pass and you will have accomplished something major. on the plus side and not to make light of it at all, but sometimes you need to find the silver lining, i wonder if this will be like those skin abrasions that make you look soooo much younger!
pamper yourself while you go through this and keep us posted.
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