That's why I've give up on curl pattern hair typing. LOL Its too darn confusing and it doesnt really mean much. When asked, I say that I'm 4a/3c. but I'm sure there is some 3D, 3E, 4F. etc.
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Th only reason I'm climbing back on the Curl Pattern bandwagon is because the other day a woman I know who has looser but less defined curls than mine but considers herself a 3c asked me what product I was using in my hair, wondering if she could get a similar look. I started thinking that along with porosity, density, and strand coarseness, it was useful to say my hair, product free is "kinky, ringletty, curly" kinda in-between what you'd think of as typical "3c" or "4a"
You're right it doesn't mean much, it's more just another descriptor that helps to explain a little about our curls