Ok so about 6 months ago I decided that my hair was so damaged from relaxers I was not going to get another. I took a pair of scissors and cut my hair down to the new growth!!! My husband hated it so I decided to go get some braids until it got some length(once I cut my hair down it was maybe an inch long.... I know crazy). Well my hair is growing very well I know have a sew in afro with a very curly type weave. My problem is all the blogs are speaking of curly hair and my hair can be called lots of things but curly is not one of them. I have what my grandmother referred to as "Kunta" hair. I am trying to learn to embrace my hair but I have not found a site that deals with my type of hair or maybe I dont know what type of hair I have I think it is 4c very kinky lol when I pulled a piece out it was curled in a "S" pattern but that was just one strand together I dont see a curl anywhere!!! HELP!!!!!!