I posted this on the 3c forum, but I want your opinions too. So I'm not really obsessed with curl pattern, I do understand that a lot of other hair characteristics play into whether our hair shares commonalities with the hair of other peeps, however, I do think that defining one's curl pattern can be somewhat useful (especially if you are trying to figure out how elongated or defined a certain product or styling method will make your curls)
I've found over the last almost year that my curl pattern seems to sit somewhere in between the curls on my 3c and 4a sisters (and brothers). Rather than trying to squeeze myself into one of these categories, I started to describe my hair pattern without any product or manipulation as 3D....
Do ya'll feel me? Is there a missing link in your opinion? Or am I just confused?
Oh here are pics of my curls.
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Originally Posted by shainala
What makes you think you aren't 3c (straw-size curls) or 4a (Crochet needle size curls)? I don't get the confusion around this unless you have a mix of both in which case you could just refer to yourself as 3c/4a like many of us do.

I'm not sure a whole new letter is necessary. It makes it seem like you don't want to be a 4 category so you're going to create a new 3 category.
Originally Posted by NaturallyCJ
I was going to say just that. Some people (not saying the OP necessarily) will do nearly anything not to be considered a category 4. I can see someone wanting a type to just group their hair in without having to use more than one, but really there's very few people whose hair fits into one category. Most people have two if not three different textures on their head. It disheartens me when people try to fit their hair into a category it's not because 4 is still seen by some as the dreaded of hair types. You know how women are all "I'd become natural if my hair wasn't so "nappy""...4 is that "nappy" they don't want to be. Then again I guess I shouldn't care so much because other people's thoughts/opinions of their own hair has nothing to do with mine...

Like I said, I'm not trying to say I feel like you're saying all that OP because you seem sincere in what you're saying and I'm gathering that you don't feel your hair fits into any given types. I'm just saying that I don't think adding another type is necessary. If you feel that 3D should be a type though, go for it! These things aren't concrete. Shoot, be what you wanna be as long as it benefits your hair.

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