I see a lot of 4a's on here labeling themselves as 3s.

I also see a lot of 4a's on here who appear to take issue with people who like to use the hair typing system. I like the system it helps me identify people with curls like mine and it has been a huge help with helping me find products that work.

I used to call my hair biracial hair which as we all know varies widely, now there is a label for hair that looks like mine that helps me target info and research for hair that resembles mine. It has been super beneficial.
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I don't have a problem if people like to type their hair; that's fine and dandy and by all means, do you. I just don't like those who use the hair typing system to try and put down those who don't have the "ideal" texture, because it happens more than not. 4a's also aren't the only ones who don't like to type, and not all 4a's have any qualms with typing. And I hope I don't sound mean because I'm tired and don't always word things in the best way. Haha.

I don't feel like the system (I feel like we're talking about the government or something) suits me at all. Every image I've seen of different hair types never seems anything similar to mine. But I know it DOES help a lot of people, so I'm not trying to condemn it. I just condemn the negative mindset it puts some people in when they start on their good hurr bad hurr mess, ya know?

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