my 2 cents:

- LOL/smh
- it's interesting how the only people i see who label their hair "3d" are people i consider to be some kind of type 4. for that reason, i'm inclined to side eye to anybody who seriously considers their hair type to be 3d. IMO, it's another symptom of "good" hair/"bad" hair syndrome.
- with that being said perception is reality (thank you courtney from most eligible dallas for that gem). i've seen plenty of people in the 3c/4a/4b forums label their hair differently from what i would. hell, after 8 yrs of being natural and 7 yrs on this board, i start to question whether or not i'm a 3c. i say i'm a 3c so i'm a 3c.
-...but then i realize, what difference does it make? the products i use, the styles i do (or don't do), how much my hair is similar or different to someone else's, etc won't change if i decide to label my hair 3d or 4a. and that's exactly why i think the "i need to know my hair type to ensure the quality of my routine theory is a bunch of silliness.
- at the end of the day, if calling yourself 3d makes you feel better then go with it. a rose by any other name, is still a rose.