this sounds similiar to what we do where i work for pre cancer cells,ak's bcc,scc,. they are called pulse peels. the este's put a chemo creme(efudex) on with a glycolic acid. 10 x 1 day a week for 10 weeks. we get probably 5 to 10 a day. but it brings out the pre cancer cells and peels them away.
at first many clients get very dry skin, some itch, redness. but that usually goes away and can be controlled with a heavy cream. but as i said , it is worth it. it is so much better than the alternative. bearwith it
p. s we also do a blue light treatment that is stronger, a cream put on for an hour, then under a light. now that is some major peeling, redness,irritation. but the upside to that treatment is it is only 1 to 2 times total.