Y is there negativity surrounding the 3D issue? It was merely a question or thought to ponder for those that could identify with being between 3c & 4a. I don't think that it is showing an indifference to good or bad hair. A lot of ppl cant/dont fit into the various patterns that are in place. Let's be positive and uplift one another to beautiful hair etc., regardless of the type. All types are good to me. We are here to support one another, not condemn and hinder. I hope I didn't offend any1 by identifying with being considered 3D. That wasn't my intention, I don't think it was the authors intention either. I had pics posted, but removed them bc I didn't c any other pics posted. The pics I posted were at 2 months. A month ago ppl said my pics showed 3c hair, now ppl said these were 4a. Idk what I have bc my hair had chemicals for 30 yrs. I just assumed that I must fall somewhere in the middle....either way, I'm happy with my decision to go natural & I love how my hair changes as it grows and the type has never been a real issue. Hope this helps you understand my point of view...

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Originally Posted by Mskeisha99
Where's the "condemnation"? You feel "condemned"?
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