I see a lot of 4a's on here labeling themselves as 3s.

I also see a lot of 4a's on here who appear to take issue with people who like to use the hair typing system. I like the system it helps me identify people with curls like mine and it has been a huge help with helping me find products that work.

I used to call my hair biracial hair which as we all know varies widely, now there is a label for hair that looks like mine that helps me target info and research for hair that resembles mine. It has been super beneficial.
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Hmmm...well I'm at 4a/4b, and I take issue, because people seem to think Andre Walker's system is fool-proof. I've seen folks with kinks like mine, and we can't use the same products. I've seen folks who definitely fit in the "type 3" and below use products that work well for my hair.

That's the point that those who rely on hair typing don't seem to get. There are other factors that weigh in on whether or not a product will work for you.
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Who is Andre Walker?

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Oprah's hair stylist, who invented the 1-2-3-4 hairtyping system.
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