First, my stylist washed and towel dried my daughters hair. Then, combed through and sectioned it so that there were 4 sections. ( Like a "t " if you looked down on your head. ) She started on the section in back, near her neck, and would take smaller pieces maybe 1 1/2" -2" wide and applied the formula along the hair keeping it 1/4" away from the scalp. She used her fingers to rake it though initially and after the whole head was done, she set the timer for however long the directions said ( I don't remember ) then she used a wide tooth comb and continuously combed the formula through. She then rinsed according to directions...I think 5 min... towel blotted...combed through and sectioned again the same way to apply the neutralizer. The first time, I bought 1 Blue box for "normal" hair. This time I bought 2 Purple "resistant" formula boxes. My daughter has long thick hair and 2 boxes was perfect. Again...she doesn't care that it's not perfectly straight. She's just happy that it's much more relaxed and easier to use a flat iron if she wishes. She likes the waves. Just a note: Her hair and mine has different curl patterns throughout the hair. Whereas her hair is much more curly and dense in back versus the front and sides. Having had this is more straight in front than in back.

Please, if you decide to buy this, read the directions carefully. I would also recommend someone help you apply this. I think it might be awkward to do yourself. jmo. GOOD LUCK!

cassandra complex, I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience! My daughters hair doesn't appear to have been damaged at all.


AFTER: ( she didn't want her pic taken )