So glad I found this thread, glad to find fellow curlies going primal I've been primal for 4 days, yay! I havent had anything sweet for about 3 wks and no grains now for 5 days. Dont miss them at all (yet). I am also on day 25 of the Supreme 90 program, and that coupled with primal eating is a great combination! I am loving primal so far and I love that it's 80/20, not 100% adherance. I can have my 'cheats' here and there (weekends only) and it's ok. Since I started Supreme 90, I had been eating clean during the week, and on the weekends I would still have a couple of pieces of pizza, some wine and even mexican food and still lost 10.5" in 20 days! So I'm sure I will have an indulgence or 2 this weekend after no slip ups during the week, and after reading some of your comments about how your body responds, I'm a little worried about what my body will do if I give it grains & bad carbs! It'll all work out though I will be measuring and checking body composition in a couple of days, so I'm anxious to see what I've lost this week going primal.
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