Jury is still out on the deep conditioner. I used it after washing with my mom's Tresemme Anti-Breakage Shampoo. It is thick, but my hair didn't feel spectacular after rinsing it out.

I really like the leave-in conditioner. It has wwaaaayyy more moisture than KCKT. So much so that my usually sandy red hair turned a deep brown after application. (That's how I know when my hair need moisture.)

The Coil Jam - ummmm, I don't hate it, but I also am not in love with it...yet. I think I need a trim because of how raggedy my ends look, and how hard it was to detangle. I like the definition but I had to super soak a couple times to get rid of some frizz and bring back the definition after detangling my hair.

Overall, I think this could be something that I add to my regimen, especially the leave-in. I'm getting a trim on Tuesday, so I will give the entire line another go after the trim. I figure two deep conditioning session in one week isn't a bad thing.

I will post pics of the finished product after I get a trim and try it again!
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