This whole mess hits close to home for me too, as I grew up within 5 miles of the house the baby disappeared from.

I really would like to believe the mother had nothing to do with it, but my skeptical side smells a fish rotting somewhere. NO evidence? NO leads? NOBODY knows ANYTHING? People don't just vanish without a trace. The mother might have failed a polygraph, but polygraphs are highly subjective and it could be the police told her she failed, trying to force a confession and "solve" an otherwise dead end case. Or she could have accidentally killed her and be hiding it out of fear. The body is pretty well hidden, if that's the case.

Part of investigating a crime like this is realizing a normal, sane person would not commit it. So you have to accept that the motive is neither normal or sane. Debating motives at this point is kind of irrelevant. Random, unrelated break ins and abductions are so rare. I don't see a stranger burglar, in an attempt to rob the house, going in and happening across a baby and deciding to take it instead. The cell phone thing is weird, but it's possible the mother's explanation holds water. Some people don't sleep with their phones - the kidnapper could've taken them to delay the parents from calling 911.

However, I remember when my children were infants. I had a baby monitor and if they so much as coughed, I was instantly awake. This little one had a cold with a cough - I can't imagine the mother was sleeping so soundly that she totally missed someone walking in and walking out with the child. I've considered the possibility that she accidentally OD'd the kid on cold medicine and is now trying to cover it up. I really don't want to believe that, but there is something someone knows that we aren't being told. People who kidnap babies don't live in underground storm shelters, isolated from the outside world. Someone is eventually going to notice and go "hey, where'd you get that baby from?" That there are no real leads or confirmed sightings by this point is not a good sign.

I believe at this point, the child is dead. It's the police's job to keep certain details and information under wraps, because if it's not the parents, they don't want to give away how close they are to finding the abductor, should they have good information pointing to who it is. I don't blame the parents for not wanting to talk much more and implicate themselves, which is easy to do under the kind of stress and pressure I'm sure they are being subjected to. However, as of the 5 o clock news, they had yet to hire a lawyer. They need one, ASAP. I would not be surprised if one or both of them is involved.
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