I've got 3a-ish hair, medium texture, normal porosity. New to CG, have been exclusively co-washing for the last 3+ weeks and my hair is LOVING it! Every time I wash I have more curls appearing than the time before.

I still feel that my hair is not as soft as it could be, and I know a lot of CGers use DTs. My hair isn't really dry or damaged, tho - haven't used a flat iron, blow dryer or colored my hair in about 10+ years. I'm just looking to further reduce the frizz factor and am thinking that an occasional DT would help.

So, what are good product recs, and also how often? I was thinking maybe starting out once a week or every-other week.

Any tips would be appreciated!
CG since September 2011

Type: 2c/3a
Texture: medium-ish
Porosity: normal to low
Density: THICK!

Co-wash: OC
Cond/Leave-in: OC
Style: MOP Curl Defining Cream, Angel, Garnier Pure Clean Gel
SOTC: MOP Glisten pomade, Aveda Humectant Pomade

Looking for: good curl definition, clumping and no frizz