I haven't seen any threads about this except to ask how hard its hold is, so I thought I should start one! I picked this gel (and the curl cream) up a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what's in it that makes my hair curl so well (maybe it's the acacia gum? Who knows!), but my hair curls like CRAZY when I put this stuff in. And I'm not just talking about it looking really curly after it dries. As soon as I put it in, my hair gets insanely curly! It's pretty cool! I've never had that happen before. Anyway, I find this gel to be a lot different than other gels -- the consistency, how it works, the hold, and things like that. It has little quirks and different ways that it works. The consistency is strange -- it's almost like it's very goopy, but thin at the same time. It's SUPER hard to explain! It's a little bit like FSG -- it's a little slimy (though not as slimy as FSG), but it doesn't want to spread out well over your hands and it sticks together. (Again, this is super hard to explain, so you'll get it once you feel it for yourself! ) It goes onto your hair nicely, though, and it distributes fairly easily. I use a lot of this gel (as I do with EVERY gel, since I have thick, longer hair) -- probably three good at-least-half-of-your-palm-sized blobs. The only thing I absolutely don't like about this gel (but wouldn't stop me from buying it!) is that for some reason, my hair takes FOREVER to dry with it. I can diffuse and diffuse, but it stays wet on the inside for forever. Even when I first apply it, my hair feels a lot drier -- not like flash drying with protein or glycerin or anything...just like I took a lot of water out of it, but it's still wet inside. Maybe it's just me! (BTW, if you've tried this gel, please tell me if this has happened to you! ) I love that this gel has a simple, fairly natural (for a drugstore product), short ingredient list. The smell is definitely strong and takes some getting used to. I hated it at first and didn't buy it because of it, but if you love a strong, lemony, citrusy scent, then you'd like it. Another thing I don't like about it is that I can't use it all the time because it doesn't have protein! (I recently had a whole issue with OC'ing and needing lots of protein, so this hasn't been a very awesome choice for me lately). I think it gives VERY nice hold and some crunch, though, although not as much crunch as you'd think from a nice-holding gel! It's SOTC-able (is that even a word?! :P), but it's got pretty nice hold. Every time I hear someone say that, I think, "Oh, great, it's another one of those softer-holding gels that works for the curlier people but won't give me enough hold." But, believe me -- this does give great hold in its own sort of unique way! I'm not sure how well this mixes with other products, because I haven't tried it that way. But, all in all, it's a great product and I would TOTALLY buy it again! I hope this helps someone trying to figure out whether or not to buy this! I'd like to hear about your experiences with it, too!
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