Wavy, I had the same experience with this gel as far as it making my hair really curly. I wondered at the time if it was something else I had done or used that day, as I didn't think a gel could be so curl enhancing, but I got the same results on a different day, so it must be the gel.

Agree about the strong scent - to me it smells like citronella, which I don't love, but I find that it doesn't linger, so it's tolerable. I didn't find the hold to be as strong as you found, but I also didn't use nearly the amount you did. It's not a soft holding gel, just not the hardest I've ever tried.

Agree also about the slimy consistency, but I have no trouble spreading it in my palms and through my hair. I do use it on dripping wet hair, though, so the extra water may help the distribution.

I did not find it to extend my drying time, though I know what you meant when you said your hair felt wet "inside."

Glad you like it! It worked well for me in late spring/early summer; I ran out and haven't repurchased, but maybe I'll give it another try now that the dews are a little lower.

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