OMG! this just happened to me like an hour ago at school. So I'm currently transitioning and I had my hair box braided for the past 2 months. I'm taking a salesmanship course for my major Retail Management and my professor said that we have to look professional when it's time to present our projects. I already knew that I was gonna have to do something with my hair because braids are not considered "professional" especially for Sales. I was gonna redo my braids since I had a lot of new growth. But I changed my mind.

So I took out my braids NOT because I needed it straight for my presentation but because I needed to give my hair a break from the braids. This morning, I saw my professor, who is Caucasian, and she said to me and I quote "Good Morning! Woooow, your hair is sooooooo beautiful!... Woooow, what a beautiful girl... Her hair is so beautiful!"

I'm like WTF?!? So just because my hair is pressed straight and its all bouncy from my roller set all of a sudden I'm BEAUTIFUL?! Soooo when I was rocking my braids before I wasn't beautiful?! GTFOH.

This society is BS! I feel BEAUTIFUL regardless if my hair is straight (which I HATE now) or in braids. I can have a TWA or be bald and STILL feel like a queen. Society has brainwashed some black females into thinking that rocking but most importantly embracing your natural roots is wrong. Kinky curly is looked down upon. Why would you want your hair like THAT when you can have it silky smooth. it's just all screwed up.