You ARE beautiful and your hair and skin and eyes and body proportions - whatever they are are YOU and they are amazing and wonderful - anyone who says otherwise is not worth a hill of beans...
I recently had an encounter with a friend of mine who is a trans-woman (male transitioning to female) and I told her that I was learning how to maintain my hair curly since I was tired of dealing with straightening it all the time and she said to me "Why on earth would you want to do that?" And I said "because my hair is naturally curly" and she said "but straight hair is the bomb and curly hair is ugly and annoying". I was surprised at the level of intolerance towards difference that was manifested, even by this person who strays pretty far from accepted normative just goes to show how deeply entrenched beauty ideals are in this country.
Super wavy and wurly curly! Fiii,fairly non-porous, inelastic
Colorado Curly - low dew points & low humidity!
Organix Cherry Ginseng and DevaCurl low poo/condish
KCKT leave in, Naturelle Gel
Joimist or Aussie Sprunch Spray


My hair likes IAgirls PT!
I have celiac disease - no wheat please!