Great idea for a poll!

My HG is a styling product - KMS Curl Up Control Creme.

I've been using it since just after I started CG and found, it's been almost 8 months.

For all of the experimenting and frustration I've done and had while trying to figure this whole going-with-my-hair's-flow thing (instead of blowdrying my thick, coarse wavy hair into submission on a regular basis), it's the one thing I've consistently had success and no problems with and always seem to come back to and love.

It enhances (or in my case this winter CREATES - as I've been straight to wavy with the weather) and defines curl, has fantastic hold but absolutely no crunch, no stickiness or producty feel, doesn't build up, is CG friendly as far as I can tell, leaves my hair shiny, boingy, frizz-free, soft, moisturized and fabulous. I can even use a bit of it on dry hair to define, refine, revive, etc. Also, I have used it from summer to winter with just as great results the whole time.

Only caveat is that if I am TOO heavy handed with it, it can look the TINIEST bit on the greasy side...

I'm still having trouble with my type, but I have been calling myself a 2A/3B - but somewhat coarse and semi-thick.

Anyway - my one HG so far.


ETA: And I use it completely ALONE!!! No layering - hooray!