Imontgom, my hair was doing the exact same thing as yours. (Unfortunately, I wound up hacking around six inches off.) The parts I cut off were so damaged they looked like different hair from the hair that was growing in. I was doing all kinds of deep treatments and using leave-ins and soaking in pure olive oil, mayonnaise, jojoba, etc. However, the dreadlocks didn't stop happening until I cut off all the ruined hair, (right before I found out about CG; just my luck). I've been doing some "detective" work since I've joined this site, and I probably wouldn't have cut off all my hair if I'd known about how some things that are supposedly "good" for hair, can ruin my hair.

Prior to CG my products had a ton of protein, silicones, and, of course, sulfates...Do your products have a lot of protein/wheat protein in them? I was using a heavy-duty protein leave-in because my hair appeared to need "restructuring". I'm always hearing about how much hair needs protein, but recently when I put anything with protein on it (like B'Leave In), I immediately see that dryness beginning. Now I think protein is probably something to use occasionlly only.

Plus, I was overdosing on silicones in order to soften and detangle my morning dreds, and I was making them worse! After sleeping in Moroccanoil (a whole bottle's worth), one day I woke up and my hair felt like a cheap halloween wig. I couldn't detangle it without ripping it off. It was a nightmare. I couldn't stand it, so I chopped my hair.

I've been avoiding silicones, proteins, sulfates, and occasionally glycerin, like the plague, for two months and I've never in my life had such healthy hair. I have to say, even though I miss the length, I like my hair so much better now, it doesn't affect how I feel about my appearance!

However, hopefully all you'll have to do is find out which ingredient or combo of ingredients your hair is rejecting. For my hair, I think the worst enemies are silicones. They just cause a bad chemical reaction with my hair.
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