How do I ensure that I'm getting all the conditioner off my scalp? I don't. Since the new edition of Curly Girl: The Handbook came out, I've been doing the Baptismal rinse (throwing two handfuls of water at my hair after conditioning and combing my hair. I would never have believed previously that my hair could cope with this much conditioner, but I've found that my hair is not weighed down, doesn't get oily or dried out, and the curl doesn't drop out readily.

Lorraine Massey does advise people using the new method to do a scalp scrub (mix 1 Tbls. of brown sugar with conditioner, and give yourself a great scalp massage I do not agree with her suggestion of using quinoa as an alternative to brown sugar, as it's next to impossible to rinse out) about once a week, but I haven't felt the need. I tried the quinoa out of curiosity, but became seriously concerned that I could start looking like a chia head because the damp seeds would probably start sprouting if I didn't manage to get them out soon. I used to do brown sugar scrubs occasionally when I started CGing over three years ago, but found that with a really good scalp massage each time I washed my hair, I didn't have problems with scalp buildup.

When doing the Baptismal rinse, then scrunch drying your hair, you quickly get a sense of how much conditioner your hair needs, as excess conditioner comes out with excess water on your smooth surfaced towel. As a result, I can feel a big difference if I've used too much, and cut back accordingly.

If you don't want to do the Baptismal rinse, you can rinse your hair out well under the shower, or directly at the scalp with a handheld nozzle, or pouring rinse water directed at your scalp (if your hair is long enough, hold it up and out of the way until you're sure your scalp is well rinsed). You do need to add more conditioner back in then, but you can direct it to your ends, and avoid scrunching it into the hair adjacent to your scalp when you do.

One thing that can be drying in gel is glycerin, when the dew points are down, because glycerin draws water to it, and will take it from your hair if enough (for the amount of glycerin) is not available in the air. As I said above, I have found since starting to do the Baptismal rinse, that my hair does not dry out.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
CGing since July 2008