Why are people saying this is a relaxer? It is more like a conditioner..

It does lossen their curl texture of your hair(for me it did and i'm 4b) but it isn't really a relaxer..

It is very moisturizing too (i didn't use coconut milk..but coconut cream which is really thick actually mixed with lime..then i kept in in fridge overnight..next day put it on my hair, left it on my hair for about 3-4 hours..then i washed it and shampooed(Head and Shoulders) and my hair was REALLY soft and the curls were loose on my head..and as you know Head and Shoulders is not moisturizing on 4b hair..it's just a regular anti-dandruff shampoo...i didn't need conditioner..but i used it anyway because it's my routine.

Anyways this treatment doesn't straighten..but for me(at least with coconut cream) it is a REALLY GOOD conditioner.

Anyway what do you all think about this method? Have you used it? Are results different for you?